These days a lot of people think that going green is synonymous with losing money. Luckily, technology has gotten to the point where reducing your emissions is not just possible, but actually profitable. It doesn’t matter how well versed you are on climate science, in the end everyone can Profit Greenly.

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  • Your Next Car Should Be Electric
    I was a gas car driver myself until nearly a year ago when I was tempted by a low priced Chevy Bolt. After months of driving my new EV, I can clearly say that if you’re buying a new car it should be an electric car.
  • How Bikes Boosted My Life
    Here at Profit Greenly, I mostly talk about the dollars and cents underlying green choices. Biking is one of the most profitable green choices you can make and in this post I delve into how it can make you feel better and more alive. If you’re apprehensive about getting things done with a bike, don’t worry about it, we all were at some point. Hopefully exploring my life experience transitioning from driving to cycling will give you some thoughts on how to get your own biking joy and profit greenly.
  • Family biking: Front Seat vs Trailer vs Tag Along vs Cargo
    Useful biking is one of the most important ways to profit greenly. It saves money, cuts pollution, and improves fitness and happiness. When kids enter the picture though useful biking becomes more challenging. Even if you get past the initial fear, you’re confronted with a myriad of ways to get your kids around by bike with wildly varying price points. Over the past 4 years I’ve managed to try most every type of kid hauling bike contraption and extensively researched the rest. In this post I’ll reflect on my experiences to help other parents who are trying to figure out the best way to profit greenly by hauling their kids around by bike.
  • Batteries Not Included: Why Most Solar Homes Don’t Need Storage
    Most electrical grids have such low levels of renewable generation right now that they can easily act like huge batteries for the small numbers of people who get solar roofs. For grids like this installing individual battery systems is a waste of resources. In this post I’ll try delve into why most solar homes don’t need their own energy storage yet and how this will change in the future.
  • 1,000+ MPGe eBike to Profit
    Back to the Future II promised us hoverboards by 2015. Instead we got eBikes that get over 1,000 MPGe and save us thousands more dollars than they cost. Maybe the future’s not so bad?
  • Net Zero and Profit in 2 Easy Steps
    The idea of having a net zero home, one that generates as much power as it consumes, is very exciting. With two simple updates I was able to make my regular old house net zero. In this post I’ll explain how I did it, and how you can to.
  • If College Endowments Value Profit Why Aren’t They Installing Solar?
    The divestment movement has often hit resistance from administrators who say that their endowments should be invested to produce the maximum return on investment (ROI). What if it turned out that those endowments were already not maximizing their ROI because they weren’t investing in solar panels to power their schools? University endowments are hurting both the world and their bottom lines by this inaction. Read on to find out why.
  • Hardware Store Gifts for Toddlers: Durable, Useful, and Fun
    If we gave gifts that actually replaced “regular” needed shopping we could save resources while still bringing our kids joy. This year try heading to the hardware store for presents that are fun, useful and money saving.
  • DIY Old Phone Into Free GPS Bike Tracker
    Don’t let fear of bike theft is keep you from profiting greenly. Use your old phone to build this little tracker and get back into the saddle!
  • How the EV Transition Will Affect Car Prices
    Should you buy a used Tesla now? How about a hot new Dodge Hellcat or a “practical” Honda Civic? Read on to find out.
  • Solar ROI or: How I Learned to Liquidate Bonds Without Worrying and Love the Sun
    Why aren’t you transferring as much money from those bonds into solar on your roof as possible? Do you hate money?!? Are you actively trying to drive climate change to flood people out of their homes!?!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Don’t Give Up on The Climate Just Yet
    Jonathon Franzen is wrong about climate change. And just generally a wet blanket. If you actually read the science there is a lot of reason to be hopeful.
  • Heat Pump ROI – First Year Data
    A dad in PA provides real world numbers on how much a heat pump costs/saves each year and how this compares to investing instead of upgrading your HVAC.
  • What is Profit Greenly?
    I made this blog because I got sick and tired of all the misconceptions people have about the cost of going green. I’ll explain the most impactful changes you can make and quantify how much money each can save you and how it helps the environment.