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Everyone needs to live somewhere, picking the wrong place can really make life tough. Housing costs a ton and is responsible for a large portion of your personal emissions. Picking the right place to live and updating it appropriately is the first step on your way to profit greenly

Electric Lawn Tools Rule

Still struggling with the starter cord on your dirty old gas mower? It’s time to recycle that loud and polluting contraption and move into the future with a quiet, cheap, and easy to use electric mower. The same is true for other lawn tools. Electric bush trimmers, leaf blowers and even chain saws are amazingly good now and you can use them all without going deaf. Still not convinced? Read on to find out more.

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Batteries Not Included: Why Most Solar Homes Don’t Need Storage

The first question people usually ask after learning that I have solar panels on my roof is whether I bought a battery backup system as well. This makes sense from a basic off grid viewpoint, but not so much in the real world. Most electrical grids have such low levels of renewable generation right now that they can easily act like huge batteries for the small numbers of people who get solar roofs. For grids like this installing individual battery systems is a waste of resources. In this post I’ll try delve into why most solar homes don’t need their own energy storage yet and how this will change in the future.

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Net Zero and Profit in 2 Easy Steps

The idea of having a net zero home, one that generates as much power as it consumes, is very exciting. Some people are interested in it to help save the planet, others like the idea of never paying another power bill, or the freedom of energy independence. For a long time, net zero homes were so expensive and complicated that they were simply dreams for most people. In this post I’ll explain how I did it, and how you can to.

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Solar ROI or: How I Learned to Liquidate Bonds Without Worrying and Love the Sun

When my family moved to PA we knew we wanted to generate our own energy with solar panels. We had a lot of evidence that made us think a solar array would be a good investment, even in cloudy central PA. Of course the broad findings of research don’t always hold true for every individual. In this post I’ll review how our solar system has performed over its first full year and what sort of return on investment (ROI) that gave us. Did our solar panels actually make us money, or were we bleeding out cash to be climate do-gooders?

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Heat Pump ROI – First Year Data

Upgrading an old oil furnace and AC unit to a new high efficiency heat pump has been one of the two keys to making my family’s home in PA produce more energy than it consumes (the other of course was adding a big fat solar array). Now that we’ve lived in the house for over a year I thought it would be a good time to look back at the data and see what sort of return on investment (ROI) this heat pump has given us.

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