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Shopping is unavoidable in today’s modern world. That doesn’t mean it has to consume you, or your bank account. Buying only what you need and using stuff till it’s truly spent will help you profit greenly.

Electric Lawn Tools Rule

Still struggling with the starter cord on your dirty old gas mower? It’s time to recycle that loud and polluting contraption and move into the future with a quiet, cheap, and easy to use electric mower. The same is true for other lawn tools. Electric bush trimmers, leaf blowers and even chain saws are amazingly good now and you can use them all without going deaf. Still not convinced? Read on to find out more.

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Hardware Store Gifts for Toddlers: Durable, Useful, and Fun

The holidays are here again. Americans will spend over $1 trillion in the next month. Much of this will be on worthless junk whose only purpose is to momentarily entertain our kids. If we gave gifts that actually replaced “regular” needed shopping we could save resources while still bringing our kids joy. This year try heading to the hardware store for presents that are fun, useful and money saving.

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