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Taking real steps to save money and reduce the impacts of climate change is important, but also hard. Sometimes you need to step back and think more about the big picture to motivate yourself. Exploring the larger philosophical reasons behind what it means to profit greenly can help.

How the EV Transition Will Affect Car Prices

Cars are one of the major sources of pollution in the world and a huge drag on people’s wallets. Right now we’re at the start of a massive shift in car technology. If prices for batteries and EV motors continue their downward trends then new EVs will MSRPs similar to gas cars sometime between 2022 and 2024. This is really quite soon and as people start to understand that EVs have much lower maintenance and fuel costs than gas cars the transition may be quicker than many people are currently anticipating. How this will affect the prices of cars, both new and used is a very interesting question that has a direct impact on your financial life. Should you buy a used Tesla now? How about a hot new Dodge Hellcat or a “practical” Honda Civic? Read on to find out.

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Don’t Give Up on The Climate Just Yet

My uncle sent me this New Yorker piece about how we should all just give up on fixing climate change. I saw that the author was Jonathon Franzen, and while I couldn’t quite put my finger on anything he’d written the name rung a bell and this recognition gave me the initial impression that he must be a smart guy. After reading the article I’m convinced he’s an idiot and just the sort of science skimming pessimist that I can live without. He starts out by saying that “we’ve made essentially no progress” on climate when a more accurate statement would be that we have made a ton of progress, but have not yet substantially reduced our total emissions.

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What is Profit Greenly?

Hi, and welcome to Profit Greenly. I made this blog because I got sick and tired of all the misconceptions people have about the cost of going green. Misinformation campaigns and greenwashing have led many to believe that reducing their environmental impact costs tons of money, when in fact the opposite is often true. Other times, well-intentioned eco-warriors accidentally focus on changes that are really small, like unplugging your cell charger, instead of focusing efforts of bigger, more impactful changes, like turning down your thermostat. The reality is that there are a few changes that pretty much anyone can do which will save far more money than they cost (and many of them cost nothing).

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