Hi, and welcome to Profit Greenly. I made this blog because I got sick and tired of all the misconceptions people have about the cost of going green. Misinformation campaigns and greenwashing have led many to believe that reducing their environmental impact costs tons of money, when in fact the opposite is often true. Other times, well-intentioned eco-warriors accidentally focus on changes that are really small, like unplugging your cell charger, instead of focusing efforts of bigger, more impactful changes, like turning down your thermostat. The reality is that there are a few changes that pretty much anyone can do which will save far more money than they cost (and many of them cost nothing).

In this blog I’ll explain the most impactful changes you can make and quantify how much money each can save you and how it helps the environment. Improvements in green tech are happening so rapidly that the amount of money you’ll make with each change will likely increase over time. In the end though I’m sure each of the changes I delve into will put you in the black, or should I say green?

The changes are categorized under the four major ways people use the most energy/money.

  • Housing
  • Eating
  • Traveling
  • Shopping

The category that’s most important for you depends on how you spend your money and what you’re willing to change. If you rack up thousands of frequent flier miles then Traveling might be a good place to start. If you can’t imagine life without spending hundreds of hours each year on a plane, but are open to going vegetarian then maybe start with Eating instead. Whatever the case look at your own spending and think about what you’re willing to change to decide which category you should focus on first. There’s also a Thinking category that explores the thoughts behind making all these changes a bit more. It might help if you get stuck. I hope you’ll read along and learn how you can profit greenly too.