Hi, and welcome to Profit Greenly. I made this blog because I got sick and tired of all the misconceptions people have about the cost of going green. This hit me in the face when I did the math on how much solar panels would save me and realized that I was literally losing money every second I didn’t have them installed. I was just one of the many people who thought that going green meant losing money. It turns out that for many things that is an outdated notion. In this blog I’ll explore some profitable, environmentally friendly changes and explain how they can┬áput you in the black, or should I say green?

In reality it’ll take more than just personal changes to really cut worldwide emissions. Bigger policy level changes like cutting subsidies for fossil fuels, dropping barriers for clean tech deployment, and increasing farming efficiency are all critically important. Individuals can help push these changes along by voting and participating in government, but this can take a long time. The huge savings these policy changes can create may take an even longer time before people see them in lower tax rates. The personal changes I’ll focus on here can all be done very quickly and start saving real money now. Doing them will also help show politicians how much these green actions can help, which may spur policy change.

I will categorize the changes I suggest into the major ways the average person uses the most energy/money.

  • Housing
  • Shopping
  • Traveling

Eating should really go on this list as well, but I feel like many others have already covered that topic better than I would. The category that’s most important for you depends on how you spend your money and what you’re willing to change. If you drive hundreds of miles per week then Traveling might be a good place to start. If you can’t imagine life outside of a car, but are open to a steady low return investment like solar panels or a heat pump maybe try Housing instead?

Whatever the case look at your own spending and think about what you’re willing to change to decide which category you should focus on first. There’s also a Thinking category that explores the thoughts behind making all these changes a bit more. It might help if you get stuck. I hope you’ll read along and learn how you can profit greenly too.